The Right Video Content For Every Stage Of Your Marketing Funnel

Creating valuable content for your audience and providing them is the main purpose of content marketing. It should attract the visitor and convert them into a customer — basically your content should push them down in your marketing funnel.

Video content is a very important part of content marketing. There are so many ways you can offer video content to your audience throughout a buyer’s journey, video can build trust, educate them and make it easier for them to take purchase decision.

Without further ado, let’s look at the list of video content that can help you convert a lead into a potential buyer by carrying them down into your marketing funnel:

Awareness Stage

This is the 1st stage of a marketing funnel, through marketing campaigns and clients research or discovery, potential customers enter this stage of the funnel.

Video contents that work best for this stage are educational, explainer, and brand video.

Educational video: Create videos that offer valuable educational stuff to your audience, which they can learn and apply to their daily lives.

Explainer video: Create video content that promotes the visions and values of the brand to build trust among the viewers by informing your audience about your brand.

Brand video: And at last, you can create a video that targets these type of video theme “How to-” or “Hack for-”, content like this ranks higher in search engine and viewers tend to stay longer to watch.

Consideration Stage

Consideration is the 2nd stage of the marketing funnel. At this stage, the customers are slightly familiar with your service or product and are considering ways how they can address their issues. They are researching, asking for recommendations from friends. This is part of the funnel where the lead nurturing begins.

Once you get your potential lead in touch with your brand, now is the time to start adding more value. Send video emails to your leads it provides a powerful and personal touch. And you can offer culture videos, testimonial videos, and product videos to your audience to nurture the leads further.

Culture video: With the help of behind the scene videos, it is far easier to develop an emotional connection with your audience where you show the culture and environment of your business.

Testimonial Videos: Often time people tend to trust online reviews as much as they trust a recommendation from their friends or family. So, if you turn a positive review of your brand into a testimonial video, potential leads will trust your brand more.

Product Review Videos: Reviewing a product is a great way of recommending your services or product to an audience that trusts you, review products that your leads find useful. Instead of having to figure everything about the product they can rely on your recommendation.

Decision Stage

This is the final point of the funnel where the buyers are just a single step away from making the decision to purchase. Your main goal at this point of the funnel is to help your leads to make a decision that will result in a purchase. That’s how the final conversion takes place.

FAQ Videos: At this point of the funnel your leads may have some remaining questions and are looking for answers. You need to create videos to calm them and put their fear to rest before the final purchase.

Instructional Videos: Once your clients have successfully made a purchase, you need to ensure your clients that you’re not going to abandon them after the purchase. Make instructional or demonstration videos for assistance after they purchase your service/product.

Personalized Videos: Every client wants to feel special and making a personalized video for them is a great way of providing a personal touch and make your audience feel special, which will give them the final push to make a purchase.

Beyond The Marketing Funnel

You’ve successfully converted a lead into a potential customer. But you’re not done yet. You can still use video content for marketing purposes even beyond the funnel.

Thank you Videos: Once your lead has passed through the whole funnel, at this point, if you send them a thank you video, they will make them trust your brand more and they will also appreciate the extra attention.