Video vs. Images: Which Attracts More Engagement in Ads

Many companies advertise their brand on social media. Not just only reaching more of their currently following audience but also reach a bigger market, too. But advertising on social media is not as simple as it looks, there are more than few things for crafting an effective ad that actually generates a higher rate of engagement among the audience and it only results by testing your ad campaign.

Marketers often ask; Which ad format works best for driving more engagement, is it video or image? And we will discuss this topic here and provide you the most accurate answer to this question.

Here is everything you need to know about uses of videos vs images on social media and what kind of content is more engaging and if you’re in need of stock videos, check out RawFilm.

Pros of Social Media Videos

One of the many benefits of videos on social media is that marketers can give more info in less time. By using this feature they can make a much better alternative to blog posts, and also improves their reach and accessibility. Videos are more versatile than photos, it can range from trendy or quick challenges that boost overall engagement to informational tutorials that will provide product familiarity and enhance brand awareness.

Recent studies also say that videos interact far better with different social media algorithms than images. Facebook released a content statistic, which shows that videos are more engaging than any other type of content, live video generates six times more engagement than pre-recorded videos.

Cons of Social Media Videos

While video content seems better, there are still some downsides of videos. Video content takes more effort and time to create than an image-based post. Through live production or editing a video marketers have to outline, how a will combine.

Quality of the video is also an challenge that many businesses face when they use video marketing, while there are many tech available for creating high-quality video, many brands don’t know where to start.

Furthermore, the length of the clip is also a problem. Video must be watched completely to boost engagement and finding that perfect length is little challenging.

Pros of Social Media Images

Posting pictures on social media is more attainable for small businesses with less resources. It is a very quick and easy way of marketing and they can just post a selfie of their team or any images of their event. within minutes businesses can share engaging contents, without worrying about creating a story and editing a complete video.

Cons of Social Media Images

Many companies have already discovered that photos do not produce the same compulsion to click and share as videos do, which badly impacts overall reach. Studies have shown that a scroller is more likely to be stopped by videos than images.

While creating video ads cost more, often time they have a higher ROI than images. It is also more challenging for businesses to come up with new ideas for picture based content, whereas video is more versatile in that regard.

Which one is better; Videos or Photos?

In short, videos are better in ads engagement than photos. However, that does not mean you should only work on video content, having a mix of both video and photo posts will not only reach your audience better but will also improve the overall engagement rate over time.