Using Video in the Sales Process: How Videos Drive Your Pipeline & Boost Revenue

Video is the most effective sales tool, and there is a mountain of data to back up that claim. For example, an astounding 88% of video marketers report that using video in their campaigns generated a positive ROI. Also, using a high-quality video on a simple landing page can increase your conversion rate by at least 86%.

Using video as part of your sales process means higher conversions, increased customer interactions, and more profit in your pocket. A perfectly-curated video will transform a viewer into a customer with only a few clicks. Marketers spend hours building a detailed sales funnel with the hopes of capturing leads, keeping customers flowing down the funnel, and ultimately boosting revenue. But creating a funnel without a video placed in the beginning, middle, or end will be less effective than imagined.

Why Using Video Drives Your Sales Pipeline (Funnel) & Boosts Revenue

If you have designed your own sales funnel or entered into someone else’s sales funnel, chances are you have seen (or created) a video somewhere along the funnel. 

1. Videos make the purchasing experience feel real. 

This is particularly true for landing pages- that first experience with a brand’s funnel (or website). Consumers feel more comfortable purchasing from companies who show the desire for a connection or relationship; they show that they are real people too. Videos are critical for landing pages because they allow viewers to make a personal connection with the company in the video.

2. Extreme Automation Means Extreme Efficiency.

Videos allow for extreme automation of your sales funnel. When you can automate your sales process, you free up valuable time for yourself and your team. For example, a video can tell your customer what to do next without you being involved. Ideally, your funnel should be created, automated, and then put in action to do what it does best- generate revenue. 

3. Build Awareness in a Quick and Fun Way.

Real talk for a second: watching videos is way more fun and engaging than reading text. Well-written sales copy will read fast, but a video conveys your message and builds awareness much faster. Think about it for a second. Had you rather read salesy text or watch a quick clip filled with color, music, graphics, and a personal look at the person behind the message? 84% of consumers say they made a purchase after watching a brand’s video, so if you want to drive your pipeline and boost revenue, choose video.

Keep it short. Keep it simple. Keep it real.

Denim Media uses our 15 years of experience in both the media production industry and business realm to create the perfect video for each level of your sales funnel. We take your campaign concept and transform it into a high-performing video to achieve your sales goals and generate a positive ROI.

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