Promote Your Startup through Viral Videos

Today’s marketing world depends much on viral products, be it your promotional videos or radio content, or print content. Gone are those days when marketing only meant billboard, radio, or print media. Nowadays, marketing works well when promoted on social media.

Startups which have attained success had one thing in common. They all had viral videos to their share. But making videos viral is not an easy task which can be done just by giving money to someone or by promoting it on many channels. Your video may be fascinating but it does not mean that it will go viral just like that.

There are ways through which you can make viral videos for your start ups. Let’s have a detailed look at some of these.

• Target your audience: Remember the golden rule of making viral videos is recognizing your target audience. Take a survey and get to know your audience. This will surely help you in making viral videos. If you think that you can make your video without understanding your consumers, you are just wasting your time.

• Be Transparent with your audience: Internet is full of lies. Many firms create videos often telling lies to the consumers about the magnificence of the product. There have been many instances when consumers have found out the lies later and this has negatively impacted the said companies. Thus, it is always better to be truthful when talking about your product. Simple and transparent videos make viral videos.

• Make Your Video Entertaining: There have been many instances where a company spent much money on making videos but somehow they failed to attract the audience. Produce small videos but make efforts to entertain your audience. You can see many advertisements on TV which have gone viral while adopting this simple technique.

• Be Interactive With Your Content: There are many techniques available nowadays which can help you in making your videos interactive. Make use of them, for example, features on Google Earth and You Tube. You can even put a quiz in your videos to check the alertness of your audience.

Some startups are not yet convinced to use videos in their promotional methodology. However, studies have proven that startups using videos enjoy a growth rate of 40% to 60%. In fact, videos have surpassed the print media when it comes to promoting a concept.

So, take care of these simple facts and rule the Internet world with videos which go viral among the audience.