LinkedIn Video: Best Practices to Grow Engagement & Acquire More Leads

In case you have not heard, LinkedIn is the fastest growing social media platform for business professionals. It is the #1 place to discover credible, trustworthy jobs while building a network full of industry pros and learning valuable information along the way, thanks to LinkedIn’s fabulous courses and user-created information. According to Wyzowl, 87% of LinkedIn marketers confirm that the platform has been effective for reaching their campaign goals.

Sure, your business can produce ad after ad on Instagram or Facebook and connect with the target audience of your dreams, but what about LinkedIn? What about those professional, serious customers who are also part of your target market but prefer using a sophisticated platform, such as LinkedIn?

A whopping 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and about 46% of incoming website traffic comes from LinkedIn. Content is key, and LinkedIn is a truly valuable platform for creating content that is framed to attract serious customers. You can utilize LinkedIn video now to grow your business’ engagement and acquire more leads. Here are a few best practices to follow for doing just that.

Plan Video Content According to Your Goals

If your goal is to generate more leads, plan your video content to reflect that goal. If your goal is to boost engagement, make sure your video aligns with that goal. The same goes for any other campaign objective. No matter your goal, keep your content concise, direct, visually interactive, and based on telling a story that can connect with viewers. Try showing a clip of your product/service or tell customer testimonials to increase conversion and engagement.

Optimize Video Length 

Consumers are constantly pulled in different directions online. You, as a marketer or business owner, have a very short period of time to initially capture your viewer’s attention. That window of opportunity is roughly ten seconds, so make the most of your intro. Also, keep video length in mind. For engagement and brand awareness, 30 seconds to 1 minute is a good timeframe to hit.

A/B Test to See What Works and What Doesn’t

There is no one size fits all recipe for video success. The key to creating a LinkedIn video campaign that is guaranteed to capture leads and boost engagement is to test- test, test, test. A/B test the same content but with different variations in length, headline, call to action, etc. This is the best practice for measuring your company’s campaign success rate, documenting the results, and then repeating what works.

Users on LinkedIn are 20x more likely to share a video than on any other social share platform.

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