How to Create a Great Startup Recruitment Video

If hiring is high on your startup team’s to-do list heading into the new year, then it’s time to become well-acquainted with the word “patience.” 

On average, it can take businesses upwards of 27 working days to secure a new hire. 

On average.

So why the long timeline?

For starters, there’s been no shortage of demand for skilled workers. Within the U.S. alone in early 2018, there were 6.6 million job openings — an all-time high that impacted half of U.S. employers.

What there has been, however, is a shortage of talent to fill these roles. So much so that 45% of employers worldwide have been unable to do so entirely.

Regardless of industry, the above statistics point to a need for businesses to be on top of their recruitment game when drawing the attention of quality candidates. This is even more necessary among startups specifically as they work hurriedly to build a brand, prove profitability, and scale-up under the pressure of potential investors.

With all of this said, attracting the right talent for your startup doesn’t have to be all doom, gloom, and daunting statistics — especially when time could be better spent perfecting your recruitment strategies.

Why Video is a Must for Your Startup Recruitment Strategy

Video should be a foundational element of your startup recruitment strategy because it’ll prove to be a foundational element of all internet traffic in the U.S. by 2020. 

Say what? That’s right — 85% of all internet traffic in the U.S. will be driven by online video in the upcoming year.

When people are short on attention spans and constantly distracted by shiny objects (i.e. screens), video catches the eye. And more importantly, it does what long paragraphs of droning web text sometimes struggle to do — video helps show the story.

Companies use video storytelling because it’s powerful. It gets to the heart of a brand’s vision, mission, and product — plucking at the decision-making heartstrings of emotion.

If you think about video from this perspective, it’s potential to amplify recruitment efforts makes sense. Especially in a time where people care more about working for companies that align with their values than their take-home pay.

As a startup, you don’t necessarily have brand affinity working in your favor just yet. You have to show potential candidates —beyond the perks and catchy job role jargon — what your company stands for. You have to make a strong case and keep talent moving through the hiring funnel before their attention becomes redirected elsewhere.

Here’s what you need to know to understand how to create a great startup recruitment video:

Pre-plan Your Startup Recruitment Video Content

Creating a startup recruitment video in-house is totally doable — assuming that you have the time, equipment, and curiosity to understand the basics. And for those that already wear many hats, curiosity probably isn’t a choice.

But before you dive on in —iPhone in hand — make sure that you have a basic plan of attack. DIY video production is achievable but not at the expense of wasted time.

You don’t have an endless pool of resources to draw from when it comes to creating a recruitment video that’ll work to convert potential candidates. This is especially true if you’re using this opportunity to build a case with upper management for more video in the future.

Fill Out a Video Creative Brief

If you’ve never filled out a creative brief before, think of it as a summary of sorts. It’s a document that should help in setting expectations across your team and project stakeholders.

Some of what you’ll want to define should include the following:

Write the Video Script

There’s power in words just as there’s a power in visuals. Make sure what you have to say throughout your recruitment video is succinct and representative of your brand.

You can think about your startup recruitment video in the same way you would an explainer video. In this sense, you’re explaining your company.

If it helps, think of the flow of your script loosely in terms of a problem, solution, and call-to-action. Your company has job openings to fill and those viewing the video should feel as though they are the right candidates for the role(s), driven to learn more and apply.

Gather your Video Talent

In-house video production for startups translates to in-house video talent. It’s time to put on those actor hats and get to work.

Send out a company survey to gauge interest in video participation. Outside of appearing in front of the camera, you may find that doing this opens the door to video production hobbyists ready to lend a helping hand behind the scenes as well.

Set Up a Video Production Studio

If a high-schooler can build a successful YouTube creator account using their laptop, a lamp, and their bedroom as the backdrop, you can create a makeshift video production studio in your office. 

Just don’t expect as many sponsorship deals right off the bat.

Find a quiet, well-lit space to film talking-head employee interviews or a message from the CEO. If you’re also considering showcasing your office space as filler throughout the video, consider the environment. 

For example, give employees a heads up on filming days and aim for active, group-filled shots.

You want to create a sense of motion and high attendance, even if your startup has only ten employees to its name. Use your best judgment capturing video content that’s smooth and appealing — as opposed to something that feels like found footage a la The Blair Witch Project.

Video Production Equipment Basics

Some of the basic video production equipment you’ll need to get started will include:

  • A camera: you can shoot on an iPhone but for the best quality, consider investing in an HD camera like a Nikon D90 or Canon 60D.
  • A boom mic or other high-quality microphone recorder. Your iPhone’s microphone probably won’t be enough on its own, though it depends on the nature of what you’re filming and the voices you want to pick up.
  • A lighting kit.
  • Editing software like Final Cut Pro.

You may be able to find hobbyists in the office that would be willing to loan out their own equipment rather than buying everything new. Alternatively, you can search your local area for shops that offer rentals. This is a great option for those who aren’t planning to create company videos often. 

Final Thoughts: How to Create a Great Startup Recruitment Video

Creating a great startup recruitment video is possible in-house when you’re methodical and thoughtful with the approach. Take stock of your staff’s experience, the time available to knock out the startup recruitment video project, and all available options.

But even though you now understand the basics around how to create a great startup recruitment video, it might make sense to consider hiring a professional team for help turning your vision into a reality.

For startup video production in San Francisco, put your recruitment video in the hands of a full-service video agency. From concept to execution, we’ve got the skills needed to take your recruitment efforts to the next level. Contact us today.