7 types of marketing videos that bring the best ROI

There’s no better way in today’s crowded space to stand out from competitors than to use powerful videos. Every startup founder, marketer of a bigger company or sales manager knows that good and engaging videos bring great results in building company image & ramping up sales.

Mind you though, different videos bring the best results at different stages of your sales funnel. Here are 7 types of videos that you really should to take into account for your sales funnel:

1. Building brand (and customer!) awareness

In order to grow your brand awareness, you want to grab interest from people who are likely to use your product and at the time they are likely to buy it. That’s when content marketing and storytelling come in.

Educational Video

By publishing educational videos which bring value to your potential customers, you’re raising chances that they will come across your brand. Not only that – you build trust and expertise!

Just be careful. Make sure that the videos are not overly promotional. Branding should be very subtle, so as not to scare away the viewers. Talk to us about specific techniques as to how to incorporate your branding into an educational video in a smart way.

Branding Video

Another powerful type of content marketing is storytelling. People love stories, as they evoke emotions and stimulate the imagination. That, in turn, creates memories. Everything with emotional impact becomes remembered much better. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to create a branding video that will convey a story which resonates with your target audience. Your viewers will instantly love you!

What about customer awareness? Ha! This often ignored part is actually the essence of your sales funnel. Just as important it is for potential customers to know about you, it’s important for you to know about them. Make sure to create incentives that will help you have a mark of their presence, like an email, a comment or a follow. You want to be able to connect with them in the next stage! 👇🏼

2. Creating interest

Your target audience knows about your brand. Now what? Well, you want to convert them to loyal customers, so you need to continue building their trust and having them excited about your brand. Your product is clearly solving their problems, so you have to make sure they know about it! You can achieve this with product videos and explainer videos.

Product Video

Product video can be structured in many ways. Essentially, the biggest emphasis should be put on communicating how it’s solving a certain problem. Often times, product videos are produced around a story that helps viewers get engaged and understand the context. It can also be a very high quality, polished video that explains the product’s features in a clear way.

Explainer Video

Explainer video is another tool to make sure prospects understand how your product is solving their problem. Typically, it communicates a very straightforward message and brings more light to the problem. Often times we think about explainer videos as cheap animated graphic, but they don’t have to look like that. At Denim Video, we usually use live action footage with computer generated animations to get viewer attention and convey the message in the most digestible, understandable and interesting form. The shorter the video, the better. We want your clients to get the idea in a blink of an eye!

3. Decision making!

Testimonial Video

High five! Or… not? Your potential customers know about you, they understand your mission and how your product works. But if they are still hesitant, there goes your strongest weapon – testimonial video! There is nothing more credible than watching happy customers telling about your product or brand. Did you notice that most of TV commercials consist of testimonial videos? With well-produced, natural and eye-catching video testimonials your prospects will not hesitate anymore.

4. Taking action

A real high five moment! Your prospects became your clients, that’s awesome! Now, you definitely want to make them happy(!) users of your product. This is where training videos and FAQ videos become handy.

Training Video

With training videos, you can easily explain step by step how to use your product. No need to keep repeating the same things to your customers over and over again! You can just send them a link to a video that is engaging and entertaining your customers at the comfort of their homes. There are thousands of ways of producing a training video so it doesn’t mean they need to be boring.

FAQ Video

FAQ videos are more and more popular right now. These are the videos that answer typical questions in a fun, engaging and explanatory way. Often, they guide the customer through specific processes or help understand how things work. It’s a great format if you’d like to make sure your customers DO find the answer to the most common questions.

As you see, videos are really an essential part at every stage of customer’s journey. The more you utilize them, the easier it will be to get your prospects to the last stage. Remember, that not only converting them to customers is what matters, but also making them happy, loyal and recommend your product to others!

Reach out to us or fill out our Video Production Brief and we’ll help you build a comprehensive video marketing strategy with the best video quality.