6 Types Of Video Content That Viewers Love to Watch

More than 53% of the customers engage with any brand after watching their videos on social media. Video marketing has absolutely become one of the most powerful forms of marketing today. But not all types of videos can convert a viewer into a customer. In order to use video effectively in your marketing strategies, you must do it in the right way by creating video content that your target audience actually wants to watch.

We’ve compiled a list of useful types of video content that your audience will enjoy watching and separate your brand from the competition.

1# Vlog

A vlog is a short form of a video blog, it is a compelling way to bring life to your story. Brands can demonstrate their “human” side by using vlogs, which is an amazing way of connecting and engaging with your viewers. A person who wants to build their own personal brand can document their everyday life or work and share it with their audience to generate tons of followers on social media.

2# Culture

You can create videos, that can reveal a little about your company’s culture. The best type of video content you can use for this work is behind-the-scenes video. These types of videos can pull back the curtain on your business and let your audience experience the inside environment of your brand, which allows your audience to connect with your brand and forge a connection.

3# Tutorial

By offering tutorials you can build your own personal brand on reputation alone and many businesses can offer tutorials to promote their brand. When a business provides tutorials to their audience they must try to teach them something instead of just trying to sell their product because consumers know when they’re being sold and they do not like it. Think of ways you can offer a piece of helpful information that is relevant to your targeted audience, and just like that you’ve got a tutorial video.

4# Interview, Q/A

Interview videos are a great way for building brand authority. They help your brand to establish authority by inputting a well-respected voice. It provides your audience an intimate 1-to-1 experience when someone in your brand answers some hard-hitting questions about your business. Interview videos should not feel scripted, as the interviewer your job is to keep 2nd person talking, discuss trendy or hot topics in your interviews.

5# Webinar

Giving away something is a great way to earn the loyalty and trust of your audience. We’re not talking about free services or products, give away something like the knowledge that won’t cost anything to your company. We’re referring to webinars.

Webinars are powerful tools for providing expertise or real-time knowledge to your target audience and allow you to generate more leads for your business. Keep a recorded version of your webinar accessible so after the broadcast, your audience can still watch it.

6# Testimonials

People trust a stranger’s online reviews just as much as they trust the recommendation that they get from their friends and family. A customer review is very valuable for any company it is like gold for them. A fantastic way to bring some of the online reviews to life is to turn them into a testimonial video. Your audience can see your happy clients and trust your company more, which results in more sales.