6 Quick Pre-Production Tips to Create a Successful Video Content

Video content is an essential part of running a successful content marketing strategy. By 2022, online video consumption will be 15 times higher than it was in 2017, which will make up more than 80% of all consumer traffic on the internet, reported by Cisco. Consumers prefer videos from any business than any other form of content.Through video brands can explain new concepts easily and create lasting relationships with their customers by demonstrating their products, and more.

Before any brand starts the production of video content they must take care of the Pre-production part as it is the most important that needs to be taken good care of. Video production is not easy as it may seem, so were here with 5 pre-production tips to better manage the work of your video content.

1# Characterize Your Audience

Characterizing your audience is the first phase in the pre-production process of video content production. Characterizing a group of audience is not as easy as it may seem. Considering all things, your audience is something more than one customer. Over the long haul you can create more engaging and compelling video that will drive more traffic to your content by narrowing down everyone who watches your videos to a particular purchaser persona.

2# Have A Clear Message

A video content with a crystal clear message is just as important as knowing your particular audience. Do not put everything in just explainer videos, a business needs various types of videos for different purposes. Don’t try to sell your service, explain what you do, or raise a contextual analysis all in one video. Over the haul a video with  a particular objective and message is more likely to be more engaging than videos with many messages in one video.

3# Set  Your Spending Budget

Once you have characterized your audience and message, you should now set a realistic spending budget for your business. Plan everything directly according to the budget you have set before the start of pre-production, so you don’t spend extra money than you can afford. Having a financial limit makes us re-think of everything in the production and we will only take actions on things that are really important.

4# Revise The Script

There are many parts of pre-production and writing the video script first is one of them. Not everyone can write a compelling script for the video, there should be someone on the team to write the scripts. Once the written scrip is finished the team should do a several rounds of revising before creating the content. It is also important to put some members of the marketing team on the revising part as they know the customer better.

5# Capture Full Attention Within 8 Seconds

A video must get to the point within 8 seconds, a internet user only pay attention for an of average eight seconds, make your message clear in that time.

Even the best video production companies find it very challenging to create a creative start for their content, they need to put the best of their video in the first eight seconds. A clear script for a particular group of audience makes it a bit easier to capture their full attention and explain your message through the end of the video.

6# Plan The Length of Your Video

Plan an ideal length for your video before you start production. Various platforms have different ideal video lengths.

  • 30 to 60 seconds is an optimal length for YouTube Ads.
  • 8 and 10 minutes is a perfect video length for YouTube post.
  • 60 to 90 is the ideal length for a TV commercials

Create a video that the viewer would enjoy watching because a good piece of content is more important than the length of it but with an optimal length of the video you are more likely to attract and make viewers keep watching.