6 Benefits of Using Video in Your Business’ Internal Communication

When marketers hear the term “video,” they think of outbound marketing, creating and publishing a video to reach an audience outside of their company. While this is the case in most instances, marketers should not forget about using video for internal communication; it is just as important. 

1. Video is Highly Effective 

The main reason your company should use video for internal communication is that it is highly effective at communicating any type of message, whether it be company updates or a newly improved sales plan. Email is always a great tool, and it is the dominant platform for business communication. Instead of writing a wall of text for your team to read, try inserting a video in the email with a quick and short breakdown of what the video entails (using bullet points). Video information is absorbed faster than text, and much more can be said with a video than with text.

2. Makes Onboarding Employees Easier

As a new employee learning the ropes, sitting down and reading page of text after page of text is exhausting. The traditional onboarding process involves paperwork, training, and making the employee feel comfortable at their new job. Using video for onboarding makes it easier on you and the employee because you can connect with them, inspire them, and inform them all in one. Not only is training easier with a video series, but it also makes it fun!

3. Shows Complex Information in a Simple Way

According to Convince & Convert, approximately 67% of employees find that completing complex tasks is easier when the instructions are communicated by video than just plain text. The success of a business is measured by more than profit and loss; communication is a key indicator of how well a business functions as a whole. Without effective internal communication, employees will be confused and frustrated, and important task information will be lost in translation.

4. Allows You to Connect with Employees 

Communicating is not just about telling your employees information; it is about actively developing a relationship with them. By sending out regular video updates, you are bridging the gap between you and your team by increasing engagement through direct (digital) interactions. When employees feel more connected to you or your organization, they will be more likely to perform well and have high morale.

5. Quickly Educates Employees

The largest portion of our workforce in 2020 is millennials. Today’s worker does not want to be bogged down by reading loads of text and feeling confused about what they read- after all, text is always up to interpretation. According to the Pew Research Center, 48% of employees consider video the best way to communicate, and 41% of employees learn better with visuals (video and pictures). 

6. Co-Creates a Company Culture

Company culture is created by a slew of factors, from business values to diversity and leadership roles. Communication plays a huge factor in company culture; prospective employees always ask about what communication is like within the office. Incorporating video into your business practices is a way to support a modern, interactive, fun company culture.

Internal Communication should be both effective and fun; video makes both possible.

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