5 Tips For Creating an Effective Video Ad

Creating a video ad is one of the boldest ways to connect your brand to a wide range of audiences. Through a memorable Ad, your brand will be able to spark an effective connection with the audience and you’re brand will more likely to be remembered by them. As a marketer, you have a limited amount of budget for advertising so you want to make sure that you are spending money carefully to create a memorable and effective video ad. Producing a good video ad can be inexpensive and it can be used on social media, your website, and in emails. There is also a chance that it can even go viral. 

In a couple of minutes, we’ll offer your some tips on how to plan and produce ads that viewers will resonate with and results in generating more sales.

1# Create A Clear Storyline

In your video advertisement you just don’t try to sell your product or service; try to tell a story. Create an engaging storyline that your audience can relate to and connect to it. Whether it is a funny, satire, or even heartfelt story, your audience can relate to it. You probably know the best about your business, so you should try to tell people about it. But if you don’t have enough time or can’t write a script on your own, you can find a good, low-cost scriptwriter and hire him to write the script for your video.

2# Keep it short

Compared to other advertising content, you have more freedom to tell the story of your business deeply or product with online video advertisements. You should keep the overall concept of the storyline of your commercial very simple and keep your videos from 30 to 120-second range because viewers don’t like to watch lengthy advertisement, keep your ad short and try to convey your message to your audience in that specific time range.

3# Filming Part

Filming a video advertisement includes cinematography, lighting, and audio, you need many types of equipment to film for your video ad and typically the filming process is a very time-consuming process. Many types of equipment need to be adjusted and handled by experts such as curve-ball. But if you cannot afford all these pieces of equipment or don’t have enough time to shoot by yourself. You can find any type of stock footage shots in the RawFilm library and use it in your projects.

4# Understand The Limitation Of Video

A video ad is just the same as a high budget movie both require a solid script and a strong cast, but the higher the quality of the product that the video ad is promoting the more effective the ad will be. A video ad can only promote the product but if the product is not great do not expect that your ad will get millions of shares just because you have to spend a high amount of money on production. The problem is not the quality of the ad, but the business it represents.

5# Clearly Represent Your Brand

When you’re creating a video ad to promote your product or brand, don’t wait until the end of the video to show your brand. Use both visual and verbal cues to represent your brand’s name, include a logo of your brand in the video and throughout the ad, you can even convey the product itself. Representing your brand clearly in the ad will help you build more trust among your viewers.