5 Creative Ways Marketers Can Use Stock Footage

Marketers know all the benefits of video content and are constantly trying new ways to include videos in their strategies. Studies suggest that video can boost conversion rate up to 80% if a video is included a video in the landing page. With the increase in the use of video, stock footage is also getting popular. Television commercials use stock footage. Business leaders do too, and even most social media influencers rely on stock videos to create engaging content.

When the budget is low, or you have limited time or resources, with the help of stock footage we can open up a range of ways for improving the look of our brand. So, if you want to promote or grow your business with the help of video content, you should consider using stock footage in your marketing strategies.

In this article, we’ll share with you five creative ways you can use stock footage to make your content more engaging

  • Create Intros & Outros

Stock footage shots can creatively be used for creating interesting, attractive, or sophisticated intros and outros and save your time to shot the clips on your own. Design an impressive branded intro or outer using the clips from the RawFilm stock footage library. Select your favorite videos or clips that fit well with your brand, and build a professional introduction video for your business. You should add the logo of your brand in your intro/outro, and you can also add some special effects if you need them to make your content look more attractive and as authentic as possible.

  • Create Attractive Website Backgrounds

High-quality stock footage videos can be used to create captivating background videos for your website. When used correctly, it can create a dynamic look and helps brands to build the right environment for their customers. A video added to a website’s landing page can boost the conversion rate up to 80%. When adding a video background on the landing page, you should choose the type of clips according to your goals of communication for a certain “vibe” or “feeling.”

  • Use In Social Media Posts

Scaling your post on social media with video content is a challenge, especially if you’re aiming only to produce attractive video posts. But you can still scale on social media with posts only. In this case, stock footage comes very handy because it is easily accessible and saves you from shooting clips by yourself.

All you have to choose stock videos that you need according to your post from the RawFilm library and add a piece of upbeat music to make the video more appealing.

  • Cover Mistakes

Sometimes we do mistakes in our original recording but you don’t have to stress over mistakes. Stock videos can be used for camouflaging issues. While editing your video just import stock content and try the overlap tools to cover up the mistakes by adjusting the shape, size, and length of your overlay.

  • Customer Testimonials

Good reviews from happy customers are one of the strongest marketing tools that marketers often use to promote their brand. You only have to get positive interviews from your potential customers and incorporate stock footage into the video or testimonial to make the interview more exciting to watch. Capturing reviews will help the businesses to spread positive word of mouth, which results in more sales.