4 Key Benefits of Video Marketing

It is predicted that by 2022, video content will represent 82% of all IP traffic. With studies suggest that 54% of customers want to see the branded video content from companies, and 55% of consumers are consuming video content. Wyzowl has released a statistic, which says that 63% of businesses are already doing video marketing, and 82% of businesses out of those companies think that video content marketing is an important part of their growth strategy. Video will soon reach a new height and will keep progressing rapidly. With all these numbers we cannot afford to ignore the potential of video.

Video contents are surely one of the most powerful marketing tools available today which helps you grow your business as fast as possible. Here we explain the five important benefits of video marketing, and why you should use it.

1# Video Boost Conversion and Sales Rate

Videos are more like an investment and can make you generate some money amount of money. According to HubSpot, you can increase the 80% conversion rate just by adding a product video on your landing page. Watching a compelling clip can surely influence visitor’s buying behavior and they can easily be persuaded to convert into a lead or to convert a lead into a customer, as opposed to just reading the same piece of content without video.

Videos are powerful selling tools if you can convey the right emotions through them, depending on what you’re going for, video can be served as testimonials or as built-in tutorials.

2# Video Has Great ROI

83% of businesses claim that video provides a great return on investments. Even tho we know that video making is not easy and cheap, it pays off very well. Besides, there are many ways you can save up your time when creating video content, there are tons of available Stock footage in RawFilm Library that filmmakers can use instead of shooting new material and at the same time video editing tools are constantly getting better and more affordable.

3# Search Engine Love Optimized Videos

If you put a decent amount of time to creating your videos and optimizing them for search engines, there is a high chance that they will rank higher and bring organic traffic. Not only that, Google is the largest online search engine, followed by YouTube. So, if you upload your videos on YouTube and also give a link to them on your website, your videos are more likely to show up even higher in search and if you promote your video via Ads or social media, there is an exponential increase in your chances of getting found.

4# Video Helps to build trust

Through the help of video, businesses can build a holistic, personal, and engaging connection faster than with written content. And it is a great way of establishing a personality for your brand and company, and earn the trust of the visitors. Studies suggest that 90% of customers say that product videos also help in the decision process. The more videos a business has to help inform and educate their customers, the more they will earn their trust by building a foundation of trust, and in the end, trust can be translated into sales and conversion.